“..Jihadists..” A word given negative meaning by those who give a negative impression of Islam. Jihad comes from the verb Yujahid; to make an effort, to strain, to struggle. Root word Juhd meaning effort. So when, in Islam we are asked to “make an effort” it is to resist sin and try and do good. The first & foremost Jihad is that of the “Nafs” – self. But, sadly most and fundamentalists consider Jihad at other levels, whilst we, are essentially advised to start with the self. When one carries out a laborious duty such as moving houses, one expends an effort, one has “bathal Juhd”.

I hope we can now call fundamentalist terrorists by their names, as such, rather than misconstrued meanings & definitions. I can call people black, white,Chinese, Arab, but how I use it or abuse it defines the meaning.

Let’s attempt the self Jihad in expelling those racist sentiments from within so that the true meaning of human being can reflect without.